Champions Christian Academy uses two curriculum programs: A Beka and Saxon Math.

5797600A Beka Book

The A Beka Book approach to education is unashamedly Christian and traditional with a focus on leading young people to Christ and train them in the Bible, Christian character, language, and traditional subject matter.

The A Beka Book approach to Christian education keeps learning lively, interesting, and memorable. The materials reflect sensible theory that is firmly anchored to practical application.

Saxon Math

All new concepts are developed through hands-on activities and rich mathematical conversations that actively engage students in the learning process. Concepts are developed, reviewed, and practiced over time. Students move from the concrete to the pictorial to the abstract.

Saxon offers daily mixed practice, frequent, cumulative assessment, and opportunities for connections, communication, and justification.

Scope and Sequence Information

“Scope and Sequence” refers to a plan for a course of study that includes a range of skills and learning objectives to be taught at each successive stage of the coursework or grade level. You can view the Scope and Sequence documents for our curriculum by clicking the links below.