• In cases of inclement weather, CCA follows SPRING ISD NEWS HEADLINES FOR SCHOOL CLOSURES.  If you are unsure call our emergency cell number at 832-452-8444.   
  • All Students:  Registration Fees are important because they secure registration in a specific grade level – (i.e. a class space is reserved for your child).  First come, First served basis.
  • All Students:  Tuition and Fees are nonrefundable.  2 weeks written/paid notice required to withdraw from CCA.  
  • All Students: CCA operates on a budget that is based upon full-time, year round enrollment of students.  We do not pro-rate tuition for student holidays or 2 or less bad weather days.  Any school closures over this number each year; however, will result in pro-rated tuition.
  • All Students: If a new student enrolls at CCA anytime during the school year his/her tuition will be pro-rated to begin at that point in the calendar year, and the regular tuition policies resume from that point forward.  
  • All Students: There is a 5% Sibling Discount off the lesser priced tuition, unless other discounts apply.
  • All Students:  CCA Uniforms are required for students in PreK3 & PreK4 during the school year from mid August to end of May. Every Friday is CCA spirit shirt day or free dress day (free dress must be conservative)!  Closed toe shoes always required year-round for safety purposes.   
  • CCA Preschool Tuition is due year-round.  Two weeks written/paid notice required to withdraw from CCA.  CCA preschool is no longer offering summer tuition on a week by week basis, but grants a once-a-year 2 week illness or vacation break from tuition for preschoolers (with written notice) after completing one year of full-time, consistent CCA enrollment with no breaks in payments! 
  • Preschool Only:  CCA Parents must complete Food Program paperwork in accordance with Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).  We send this information directly to our school food program sponsor that maintain these files on our behalf.  It is because of this CACFP program that we are able to provide breakfast and lunch services to your child!
  • We accept Texas Worksource/NCI or other Military or College Subsidies.  Check with our bookkeeper for more information.  Texas Worksource Phone Number is 1-888-469-5627.


Automatic Monthly Credit Card payment is expected.  Two weeks (10 business days) paid, written, advanced notice to CCA required to withdraw from any CCA Child Care Programs.

After School Tuition Rates

We have pro-rated care each month, coordinating it with Arrow-Champions Academy School Calendar.  There is no discount if you are only using before school care or only using after school care - it is considered to be one service!

These amounts below are the prices per month that you will be billed on your credit card for 2015-16 School Year:

  • ​Registration Fee: $35.00 - per year - 2 weeks paid notice required to withdraw from CCA.
  • August 24-31, 2015: $75.00
  • September 1-30, 2015: $262.55 – Arrow Closed Sept 7, and tuition was not charged. 
  • October 1-31, 2015: $275.00
  • November 1-30, 2015: $200.00 - Arrow Closed Nov 23-27, and tuition was not charged.
  • December 1-18, 2015: $175.00 - Arrow Closed December 21-31, and tuition was not charged.    
  • January 5-31, 2016: $225.00 - Arrow Closed January 1-4 & 18th, and tuition was not charged.
  • February 1-29, 2016: $262.50    
  • March 1-31, 2016: $212.50 - Arrow Closed March 14-18, and tuition was not charged.
  • April 1-30, 2016: $262.50
  • May 1-31, 2016: $262.50    
  • June 1-3, 2016: $37.50

Frequently Needed School Information
(refer to CCA Student Handbook for detailed CCA policies)

Champions Christian Academy Admissions

Tuition and Fees 2015-16 School Year

Annual Fees & Tuition Effective August 1, 2015 – May 31, 2016

** You will notice it is slightly less expensive to pay monthly tuition, rather than weekly, bi-weekly tuition.

It is less expensive for us to administer the program.


Pre K 1 &

Pre K 2
(12-35 Months
​of Age)

Pre K 3 &

Pre K 4
(3-5 years of age)

Before / After School 

(Ages: kinder – 5th Grade)

School Age Camp
​(Ages: Kinder - 5th Grade)

CCA Registration Fee (Required to Reserve Class Space.  Fee is Non-Refundable

Per School Year

Per Student


Per School Year

Per Student


Per school year

Per student

Not Available
Curriculum & Classroom Supply Fee (Fee is Non-Refundable)

Per School Year

Per Student

$200 Per School Year

Per Student

Not Available 


(Field trip fees not included)

Monthly Tuition

Automatic Payment based on

Monthly Schedule (see schedule of payments below)

Weekly Tuition
Not available 

Meals Provided by CCA

Breakfast/Lunch Included

Parents Provide Snack

Breakfast/Lunch Included

Parents Provide Snack

Snacks Now Included in

Aftercare Program!

+$3 for lunch, if needed. 

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