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Our Mission is Simple

About Champions Christian Academy

Established in 1993, CCA operates as a non-denominational private
Christian school where your children can begin their educational journey.

​​It’s a safe, fun, and loving school which is an ideal environment for children
to enjoy throughout their pre-K years. We offer a totally integrated academic program where the scope and sequence of the curriculum is carefully planned and developmentally appropriate for children ages 12 months to 5 years.

Our mission is to provide a loving and nurturing Christian setting that encourages each child to develop a love for learning in a faith-based, student-centered environment.

What Makes Champions Christian Academy
the Right Choice for your Child?
Champions Christian Academy
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Spiritual Nourishment

While CCA's diversity includes many denominational backgrounds within the Christian faith, every day begins with unifying Praise and Worship.  Morning prayer and praise is the foundation of each day, grounding our school in a Christian atmosphere and allowing our children to grow in fellowship. 

The curriculum we use is unashamedly Christian and traditional!  The focus is on leading young people to Christ and training them in the Bible.  Christian character, language, and traditional subject matter.

Bodily Nourishment

All students participate in the tasty and nourishing breakfast and hot lunch program offered through our affiliate school lunch catering company, The Healthy Lunch Box.  We serve these nutritious meals knowing they help make our students better equipped to learn and grow.  This meal program is included in our tuition. 

Nourishment of the Mind

Champions Christian Academy uses the A Beka Books Curriculum, and other supplemental curriculums to help encourage development of advanced Letter, Shape, and Number Recognition, followed by Phonics, Reading, Writing, Language, and Math Skill Development.  Our CCA preschoolers often begin reading as young as 3, with many of our students reading fluently by the age of 4!