Our Middle School program has been structured with the unique needs of our students in mind.

Leadership skills and focusing on their future is important at this age, and it is not too early to be thinking about college and career interests. With this in mind, we have included some exciting and unique elements in our Middle School program:

Leadership Fridays

Middle School is a a time when it’s especially important for students to become involved in their community – giving back to those around them. Therefore, we have made Monday through Thursday normal academic days, and have dedicated Fridays as leadership development days.

Some of the leadership development activities that we are planning include (but are not limited to):

  • Visiting college campuses such as Texas A&M, Prairie View A&M, University of Houston, Houston Baptist University, and Rice University
  • Library days
  • Museum days
  • Health curriculum enhancements such as CPR/First Aid training
  • Expanded educational units for speech, home economics, etc.
  • Career exploration with guest speakers and field trips
  • Community involvement that will mimic “service hour” requirements that students will see in High School

While Leadership Fridays are normally limited to Middle School students, some events/activities may also include fourth and fifth grade students.

Expanded Curriculum and Facilities

  • Basic Spanish has been added into the rotation for students in fifth grade and above
  • Our Science Lab is used by students as young as second grade; students will complete at least one dissection unit beginning in sixth grade
  • Lockers will be utilized starting at mid-year for all fifth graders, and all year in sixth grade and above. This is to prepare students who will attend high schools that use lockers for that type of responsibility.

We have other exciting plans on the board as well, including a missions involvement like Compassion International and expanded lunch options (for all grades).